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Landmark's claims resolution services include:

• Claim preparation and evaluation

• Claim defense
• Damage assessment
• Delay analysis
• Presentation of technical evidence
• Discovery and document management
• Expert witness testimony

Landmark's Claim Resolution Group analyzes the dispute, distilling problems down to the basic elements. Once we identify the essence of a dispute, Landmark is unequalled in our ability to create, manage and negotiate solutions rapidly and economically.

Our success with simplifying complex issues has enabled us to resolve hundreds of millions of dollars in construction claims since our inception in 1987. We have been hired by Owners, Contractors, Architects and Subcontracts to help resolve their conflicts. These firms rely on Landmark because we have a team of experienced professionals who are also successful Engineers and Managers.

Why are Landmark’s Claims Consultants so effective?

Construction Claims and Disputes

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”


No one ever has a budget line item for “claims”.

When it comes to assisting clients in resolving their disputes and construction claims quickly, Landmark produces results.

Lawyers and Owners hire Landmark during all phases of litigation and arbitration; we assist our clients in defining the issues and developing the strategy, during discovery and documentation management, throughout damage analysis and expert witness testimony.

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